Where do you want to go?

Where do you want to go?

Why Bird’s Eye View Maps?

One question we frequently get is, “Why does the world need Bird’s Eye View maps?” A perfectly logical question in this age of mobile apps, GPS units, and online maps. Here’s our answer: One goal is to get people off of social media as the sole guide. First of all, many of the popular map guides are just not accurate, especially in some of the small communities we specialize in…

Experience: Creating Maps

Sure it’s a great-looking map! But owner Sarah Eckert-Maurer has a bolder vision for her company’s Bird’s Eye View maps: “Every great experience can start with this map,” she said. “I want our maps to be portals to a whole other dimension in travel and entertainment.” That is why she brands her Bird’s Eye View maps as “Where to go–What to do.” Sure, she wants to make it easier for…

Riding with Her Dad

Sarah grew up in the Texas Hill Country. Her father, Harvey Eckert, was the popular principal of the Stonewall school, and her family traces its roots back to the original settlers on both sides. One of her favorite memories is driving through the oak-covered hills and winding back roads with her father.

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